Intermediate Word:  stiver  (a) hook on the back of a door  (b) harness bell  (c) admission pass  (d) something of small value
Difficult Word: - locum tenens  (a) a gatekeeper  (b) one who substitutes for another  (c) legal term for squatter's rights  (d) to hold in fee simple

Youngest Possible Black Hole Spotted Near Birth - Space.com  Startled astronomers peered through an apparent crack in the expanding bubble from an exploded star to glimpse what may be the youngest black hole ever detected. It is the closest researchers have come to witnessing the birth of a black hole, from the explosion two decades ago to the recent emergence of a dense object amid the chaotic scene. The object may be a neutron star instead of a black hole, however.
Invisibility cloak Wall to wall view: Inventor of invisibility cloak plans to develop see-through walls  - BBC  Susumu Tachi, who showed off the cloak at an exhibition in San Francisco earlier this month, said he was hopeful of providing a way to provide a view of the outside in windowless rooms. Professor Tachi's cloak works by projecting an image onto itself of what is behind the wearer. A computer generates the image that is projected, so the viewer effectively sees "through" the cloak. The key development of the cloak, however, was the development of a new material called retro-reflectum.

Star Trek's Spock

Standby Enterprise: Prize-winning physicist talks up the potential of quantum tech  - BBC  One of the scientists who helped pioneer Star Trek-style teleporting in a ground-breaking experiment says he hopes we will see a ultra-fast quantum computer in action by 2035. "The Moore's Law for computer technology states that in every 18 months, there will be a doubling of computer memory, speed and other performances," Dr Ping Koy Lam explained to BBC News Online. "In a few years' time, this law will have to confront quantum theory when transistors are shrunk to the size of a few atoms. Teleportation so far is only restricted to the teleportation of information."

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