Intermediate Word:  lese majesty -  (a) affront to dignity  (b) royal pretensions  (c) royal aspirations  (d) second in line for the throne
Difficult Word: - predicatory  (a) pertaining to prediction  (b) contingent upon  (c) pertaining to preaching  (d) pertaining to a predicament

 Lonely Galaxies Appear Blue - Space.com  There are galaxies that inhabit the nearly empty deserts of space. Unexpectedly, these "void galaxies" are still forming hot, blue stars even more than the average galaxy in the more populated regions of the universe. The voids are typically 100 million light-years across, and yet they contain only a few galaxies each. Taken together, the voids fill 40 percent of the volume of the universe, but their galaxies account for less than 5 percent of all galaxies.    
Indian Village Refuses US Cola Giant Licence To Exploit Ground Water - SpaceDaily  Left:  The tussle over licences is the latest in a series of battles between the US multinational and environmentalists and villagers that began in April 2002.  An Indian village has defied a court order and again refused to give US softdrink giant Coca-Cola permission to exploit water at its bottling facility, an official said Tuesday. The southern Indian village would go to the Supreme Court to challenge a Kerala High Court directive that it issue a permit allowing Coca-Cola to use 500,000 litres (132,000 gallons) of water a day, the village official said.  

Water Wars Threaten Philippines Mountain Rice Terraces - SpaceDaily  Left:  A young woman weeds a field on the world-famous rice terraces of the Cordillera region of the northern Philippines 24 May 2005. Water disputes between villages have left some of the rice fields without water and in ruins, as the Cordillera watershed deteriorates due to deforestation and increasing population. AFP Photo by Jay Directo.  Mountain springs are the lifeblood of the majestic rice terraces of the northern Philippines, but keeping the emerald stairways to the clouds fit for tourist eyes sometimes required the spilling of blood. "If only they had had more respect for the boundaries laid down by our forefathers," he says, reflecting on the long and destructive conflict with the village of Dalican, across the mountain to the east   

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