Intermediate Word:  toucan (a) nougat candy  (b) brightly colored, large-billed African bird  (c) heavy, brightly colored china  (d) Ship's store clerk
Difficult Word:
  calipee  (a) edible part of turtle above its lower shell  (b) thick, pureed pea soup  (c) saffron-colored urine  (d) object to be measured by calipers

Hurricane Predictions: Can You Trust Them? - Live Science  The 2006 Atlantic hurricane season opened yesterday, and the early expert forecasts call for above average activity.  Yet, last year, about twice as many Atlantic hurricanes (15) occurred as were forecast. Hurricane Katrina was the fourth most intense Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. After the tragic, record-setting, forecast-stomping 2005 season, should we believe the early outlook for this year? "Yes", says Garry Hall, NOAA's lead hurricane scientist,    
Carbon-Based Quantum Dots Could Mean 'Greener,' Safer Technology In Medicine And Biology - SpaceDaily  Left: Microscope image of bacterial spores (Bacillus subtilis) labeled with luminescent carbon nanoparticles. B. subtilis serves as a common model for anthrax research. These carbon nanoparticles, or carbon dots, could lead to safer, disposable biosensors to detect biological warfare agents. Measurement shown is 5 micrometers (a micrometer is one-millionth of a meter). Image courtesy of Dr. Ya-Ping Sun of Clemson University. Chemists at Clemson University say they have developed a new type of quantum dot that is the first to be made from carbon. These nano-sized "carbon dots" glow brightly when exposed to light and show promise for a broad range of applications.     

The ITER nuclear reactor will be built in Cadarache, France

Physicists persevere in quest for inexhaustible energy source... - FirstScience  As gas prices soar and greenhouse gases continue to blanket the atmosphere, the need for a clean, safe and cheap source of energy has never seemed more pressing. Scientists have long worked to meet that need, exploring alternative energy technologies such as wind and solar power. But, after decades of quiet progress, the spotlight is now on another potentially inexhaustible energy source. "[ITER] is a major threshold that we've been waiting to get to for 20 years,"      

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