Intermediate Word: 
  (a) a wilted leaf or frond  (b) a mollusc  (c) ironing form   (d) clear pool of water 
Difficult Word: - stroud  (a) coarse woolen cloth  (b) tope  (c) mini-palette  (d) cloud wrack

Bigelow Aerospace to Tackle Inflatable Space Habitats - Space.com  Making "space available" is at the heart of the global travel, tourist and lodging industry. That business axiom is no stranger to Robert Bigelow, owner of the Budget Suites of America Hotel Chain. But now the North Las Vegas, Nevada-based Bigelow is putting his money down on inflatable Earth orbiting modules. Hes intent on attracting not only high-flying sightseers, but those hungering to crank out made-in-space products and evaluate microgravity processes. 
Low-Carb Energy Diet Could Save $438 Billion for US Consumers - SpaceDaily  Just as low-carbohydrate diets are trimming the American waistline, more judicious use of hydrocarbon-based fossil fuels would reduce U.S. energy consumption by 33 percent and save consumers $438 billion a year by 2014, according to an analysis by Cornell University ecologists. David Pimentel, Cornell professor of ecology, and 11 student ecologists found the most fat for trimming -- with the best potential for major energy savings -- in the transportation, residential heating and cooling, industrial and food-production sectors.  

Red Rover Robotics - SpaceDaily  I'm using this polar opportunity just as a context to introduce the impact of some great robot capabilities that are existing on the horizon. But the poles are interesting in that they haven't been explored on the surface, and offer some incredible resources like volatiles. I've titled a new feature "Magellan routes," and the idea is that these are routes that encircle some part of a planet that are navigable by robot, with the idea that the sun would never set; (the robot) would never encounter the dark. So you want to think of it as orbiting a planet, but on the surface, and keeping up with the sun. It's kind of an alien concept for us, since we're here on Earth, and you have to have a very fast jet for that. 

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