Intermediate Word: 
  (a) Siberian village  (b) curved Turkish sword  (c) German prisoner-of-war camp  (d) shish kebab
Difficult Word: - vaticination  (a) vacillation  (b) annexed by the Vatican  (c) prophecy  (d) strong desire

Fleshing Out Martian Proteins - SpaceDaily  Imagine having a modern biology lab on another planet. Then imagine putting that lab on a tiny silicon chip. That portable concept - when applied to detecting the building blocks of life, amino acids - is being investigated for future Mars missions. Biophysicist Richard Mathies and his colleagues hope to proof-test such a method's exquisite sensitivity by looking at samples from the closest terrestrial analogs to what might eventually be encountered on Mars later this decade. One such place is one of the driest places on Earth, the Atacama desert in Chile, which Mathies' team will investigate later this year. 
Ultra-Cold Neutron Source Confirmed As World's Most Intense - SpaceDaily  Some slow, cold visitors stopped by Los Alamos National Laboratory last week, and their arrival could prove a godsend to physicists seeking a better theory of everything. Researchers working at the University of California's Los Alamos Neutron Science Center and eight other member institutions of an international collaboration took a giant step toward their goal of constructing the most intense source of ultra-cold neutrons in the world, measuring ultra-cold neutron production in their new source for the first time. "Ultimately, we want to be able to bottle ultra-cold neutrons and watch them decay, giving us new insights into particle physics," said Tom Bowles of Los Alamos' Physics Division, who leads the team.

Towards Intelligent Assistants - SpaceDaily  Be it telephones, navigation systems, video games, or printers it is the electronics that increasingly decide the success of a product. Electronic devices should be able to communicate with one another and be small and inexpensive. Intelligent clothing, driver support systems and mobile phones with embedded cameras and laptop functions are just a few examples that come to mind that include embedded systems: electronic systems that are incorporated into larger systems or environments. The primary objective was to include as many intelligent functions as possible in a single system.

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