Intermediate Word: 
  (a) wooden shoe  (b) bright Latvian skirt  (c) prosperous Russian peasant  (d) wooden mallet
Difficult Word: - oolong  (a) egg sac  (b) Chinese tea  (c) distance of about 2.3 miles  (d) Chinese bolo

Gene therapy treats brain wasting disease  - Nature    The approach involves trying to correct genetic abnormalities by injecting an animal or person with corrective sequences of DNA or RNA. The therapy eliminated pockets of damaged brain tissue from the mice and corrected the physical symptoms of the disease. Davidson says she hopes that her technique will move quickly into clinical trials. “The data are very promising; we hope we will be able to use RNA interference as a therapy for dominant neurodegenerative diseases.”

Tiny Bubbles Could Hold Clues To Martian Volcanos History - SpaceDaily  Left: The photo shows a fluid inclusion containing liquid water and a vapor bubble. The inclusion, contained in the mineral quartz, is about 25 micrometers in length.  By summer 2005, researchers in the Fluids Research Laboratory at Virginia Tech will be able to look for evidence of water on Mars by examining submicroscopic bubbles in martian meteorites, determine whether fluids and silicate melts trapped in volcanic rock can help predict future eruptions, and locate buried mineral deposits using data from surface rocks. "It uses a UV laser and will help us understand whether a given basin or rock might host oil deposits based on analysis of fluid inclusions in surface rocks, which could save millions of dollars in fruitless drilling, or at least help identify the most promising sites," said Bodnar. 

Travel To Mars Could Be Harmful - SpaceDaily  Left: Once there, the atmosphere of Mars is just enough to give a working level of protection on normal days when out and about on the surface.  A Russian scientist says manned Martian flights could render a male astronaut sterile, shrink his musculature and weaken his bones.  "A flight to the Red Planet and back will certainly destroy the reproductive function, what with long exposure to hard radiation. Weightlessness, too, will have its effect causing muscular atrophy and excreting calcium from the bones," Polyakov said. A male astronaut headed for Mars ought to be no younger than sixty, he said.

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