Intermediate Word: 
  (a) delusions of grandeur  (b) transmigration of souls  (c)  inability to separate daydreams from reality  (d) solipsism 
Difficult Word: - trachoma  (a) Turkish flute  (b) long-necked pitcher  (c) windpipe  (d) contagious viral eye disease

Your Personal Details At Risk - SpaceDaily  Typing your password or credit card number into a computer is a moment's work. But if you think your personal details disappear as soon as you hit the Return Key, think again: they can sit on the computer's hard disc for years waiting for a hacker to rip them off reports New Scientist. This alarming assessment comes from researchers who have created a way to track sensitive information through computer memory. They hope their results will convince programmers to work harder at making computers more secure. There are some obvious safeguards, such as never allowing your computer to store your passwords.
Chasing Martian Dust Devils - SpaceDaily  "These martian dust devils dwarf the five-to-10 meter terrestrial ones, can be greater than 500 meters in diameter and several thousand meters high. The track patterns are known to change from season to season, so these huge dust pipes must be a large factor in transporting dust and could be responsible for eroding landforms," said Peter Smith of the University of Arizona (Tucson) who led the 2002 MATADOR (Martian Atmosphere and Dust in the Optical and Radio) activity. One might expect to see several dust devils per hour from an active site on Mars between 10 am and 3 pm. Few, if any dust devils will be present at other times.  

Oil pipeline and derrick

Panic or paranoia? Why the world's oil could run out sooner than we think  - BBC  If you think oil prices are high at $40 a barrel then wait till they are four times that much. How will you pay to run your car? How will you get the children to school? How will you heat your house? How much will transported food go up in price? How will we pay for plastics, metals, rubber, cheap flights, Simpson's DVDs, 3G phones and everlasting economic growth? This is the message from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO). This group of oil executives, geologists, investment bankers, academics and others has been warning the world of high oil prices for some years now.

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