Intermediate Word:  ingenue -  (a) someone who is frank  (b) an artless young woman  (c) one who is obsequious  (d) worshipper
Difficult Word: - dalmatic   (a) wide-sleeved garment worn by a bishop  (b) pertaining to the Croatian province of Dalmatia  (c) unswerving  (d) dilatory

Japan Increasingly Alarmed By The Land Of The Setting Sun - SpaceDaily  Left:  File photo of China's first ICBM on display. "China appears to be expanding its missile forces, allowing them to reach targets in many areas of the world, not just the Pacific region, while also expanding its missile capabilities within this region," Rumsfeld said in Singapore.  Japanese leaders are noting with concern China's growing military might and the risks it poses to the region following massive anti-Japanese protests in the world's most-populous country. China's growing economic and military clout has led to much alarm in the region and elsewhere.   
Z Fires Objects Faster Than Earth Moves Through Space - SpaceDaily  Sandia National Labs has accelerated a small plate from zero to 76,000 mph in less than a second. The speed of the thrust was a new record for Sandia's Z Machine - sometimes referred to as the fastest gun in the West. The immediate purpose of these very rapid flights is to help understand the extreme conditions found within the interiors of the giant planets Saturn and Jupiter, hasten the achievement of virtually unlimited energy through peacetime atomic fusion, and provide more information about the condition of the U.S. nuclear stockpile without having to explode a nuclear weapon.     

Bush Says Global Climate Change 'Serious' Problem - SpaceDaily  Bush told a press conference afterwards, "I've always said it's a serious long long-term issue that needs to be dealt with, and my administration isn't waiting around to deal with the issue. We lead the world when it comes to dollars spent, millions spent on research about climate change," the US president said. "We want to know more about it. It's easier to solve a problem when you know a lot about it. "Our country is going to have to diversify away from the type of automobiles we drive. It's beginning to happen here. We'll have more fuel cells, cars driven by fuel cells on the road next year than the past year, and more after that."

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