Intermediate Word:  travertine -  (a) decorative stone  (b) an inveterate traveler  (c) vine with purple flowers  (d) drink made with papayas
Difficult Word: - objet trouvé   (a) a treasured item  (b) something in a trousseau  (c) a critically necessary element  (d) a found object

WiMAX Aims To Stretch Wireless Farther - SpaceDaily  By the end of this year wireless customers in selected areas of the United States will be able to use a single long-range technology for their laptops, cell phones and hand-held interactive devices, with one server covering a distance of up to 10 miles, experts told United Press International. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access -- or WiMAX, as it is called -- is a rapidly growing radio-frequency standard that is similar to wireless fidelity, or WiFi, but can broadcast and receive much farther. Experts think WiMAX can become a global standard that can serve all telecom users' needs wherever they go. Because many developing countries and rural areas do not have the built-in cables needed for broadband, WiMAX offers a cheaper and more unified solution. More than 300 companies from around the globe have joined the forum.   
Towards A Small Aircraft Transportation System For The 21st Century - SpaceDaily  Imagine taking a safe, fast, small airplane from a neighborhood airport to visit your family 600 miles away. Imagine almost door-to-door, on-demand service that means you may never see a crowded, major hub airport again. A demonstration by NASA, FAA and state research groups - known as SATSlabs, will use six airplanes equipped with advanced cockpit technologies and displays to demonstrate June 5-7 in Danville, Virginia, that small planes can fly safely and efficiently into the 3,400 local and regional airports that dot the countryside.     

Outside View: Wreck It And Run - SpaceDaily  Left: It is increasingly clear that under Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the U.S. armed forces have also been taken over by "wreck it and run" management. When Rumsfeld leaves office, what will his successor inherit?  Among the many unhappy developments in U.S. industry in recent decades has been the advent of "wreck it and run" management. A small coterie of senior managers takes over a company and makes a brilliant show of short-term profits while actually driving the business into the ground. A volunteer military without volunteers. The world's largest pile of wrecked and worn-out military equipment. A military tied down in a strategically meaningless backwater, Iraq, to the point where it can't do much else. 

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