Intermediate Word: 
  (a) pre-Mendelian doctrine that living things evolve through practice  (b) hypothesis that planets are formed from a condensation of incandescent gases  (c)  locally stable regions in an orbit   (d) wickedly satirical 
Difficult Word: - supercilium  (a) supercilious action or expression  (b) memo censuring a subordinate  (c) eyebrow  (d) scrofulous growth

Private Spacecraft's Inaugural Launch Set for June 21 - Space.com  SpaceShipOne will rocket to 62 miles (100 kilometers) into sub-orbital space above the Mojave Civilian Aerospace Test Center, a commercial airport in the California desert.  If successful, "it will signal that the space frontier is finally open to private enterprise," explained a Scaled Composites release. Today's announcement follows SpaceShipOne's successful May 13 test flight

Matterhorn at dawn   AP

Europe's energy use still rising  - BBC  The countries of Europe are not keeping their promises on the environment, the European Environment Agency believes. The agency, a European Union body, says the latest trends show growing evidence of climate change, on land and at sea. It says there are also worrying levels of urban air pollution and agricultural contamination of water, and increasing amounts of packaging and other waste. It says ways to tackle this include increasing energy efficiency, greater use of renewable energy, and "rethinking options for transport" - something for which politicians in many countries have shown little stomach. 

Statue of Liberty submerging in flood (photo: 20th Century Fox)

Magazine Notebook: 'Life imitates The Day After Tomorrow too closely for comfort'  - BBC  As an environment reporter, you might expect that I was first in line to see the climate change blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow. Not so; no time. But I find that life imitates art too closely for comfort anyway. Back to work, and a chance to speak to one of my heroes (although only by phone) - Professor James Lovelock. He developed the Gaia Hypothesis, the idea that the Earth is a self-regulating system and that humans are just one part of it, important but not supreme. 

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