Intermediate Word:  hectare (a) a pood of grain  (b) dog control collar  (c) metric acre (100 meters square)  (d) reimbursement for jury duty
Difficult Word:
  linsang  (b) resinous Asiatic tree sap  (b) carnivorous mammal with spotted coat  (c) rotating musical instrument  (d) Cambodian ribbon of office

Climate change: Tearing the Earth apart? Climate change: Tearing the Earth apart? - New Scientist  WITHIN days of the Indian Ocean tsunami, the internet was alive with theories about how climate change was to blame for the disaster.  One I particularly liked proposed that, because of global warming, "magma in the Earth's core [sic] is heating up, raising the Earth's temperature and causing eruptions and earthquakes."  This is clearly nonsense, but the idea that climate change is linked to extreme geological events is not as far-fetched as it might sound.      
Alcohol abuse:'I drank my way through 11,000 in three or four months'  - BBC  It took 30 years of drinking for Tom Edwards to realise he was an alcoholic. What started as a social tipple after work slowly degenerated into a bottle of spirits a night. He lost his home, his health and his job. From being a successful BBC and Radio Caroline presenter, his drink and later cocaine abuse left him living on the streets and relying on handouts. Today Tom, aged 61, is celebrating 11 years without a drink, but admits it has been a long and hard fight. "I used to look down my noses at the people who drank at work and think 'how can they hold a job down?' 

Gore in climate change plea  - BBC  Former US vice-president Al Gore owned up to failing to get his climate change message across as a politician when he appeared at the Hay Festival. In his first UK speech on the subject, Mr Gore promised to devote himself to the task of warning people about the impending "planetary emergency".  He appealed to the audience to act to halt the growing crisis. "I will own up to shortcomings in my ability to communicate," said Mr Gore, who ran against President Bush in 2000. "But I'm not through with this yet and I am devoting myself to it". Mr Gore was the key note speaker of the 19th Hay Festival on the mid-Wales border.  

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