Intermediate Word:  gandy dancer -  (a) railroad worker   (b) taxi dancer  (c) log burler   (d) escapement mechanism
Difficult Word: - glaive    (a) armored glove  (b) buckler  (c) broadsword   (d) wall-mounted torch sconce

Space Station Crew to Ignite First Oxygen-Generating Candles - Space.com  With their primary oxygen source broken and another running out, the two astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) will ignite their first oxygen-generating candles Friday to test a reserve air supply, a NASA spokesperson said. ISS Expedition 11 commander Sergei Krikalev and flight engineer John Phillips will burn two lithium perchlorate canisters, or “candles,” before switching over to the reserve oxygen supply system full-time next week.  
China Says It Opposes Militarization Of Outer Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  Illustration of an XSS-11 operating a low-power lidar. In April the United States Air Force launched an experimental XSS-11 microsatellite able to disrupt reconnaissance and communications satellites.  China Thursday said it is opposed to the militarization of space, and supports international legal documents ensuring its peaceful use. "Space is our shared treasure and we have consistently maintained the need for the peaceful use of space so as to benefit all of mankind," foreign ministry spokesman Kong Quan told a regular briefing. We support preventive measures, including the adoption of international legal documents to guarantee the peaceful use of outer space."    

Blue Planet: What Bird Brains Can Tell Us - SpaceDaily  Left:  Further research on bird brains over the past few weeks provides additional evidence that the long evolutionary effort from their dinosaur ancestors to modern birds has not been wasted.  Descartes thought that animals were simply automata made of meat. Even Descartes may not have been convinced completely of his own opinions, since he kept a small dog himself, breed unknown, one Monsieur Grat, of whom he was very fond. But modern scientific studies show the distance between animal minds and human ones is not nearly so great as once believed. Studies of learning and language in other animals have shown a remarkable degree of intelligence and flexibility.   

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