Intermediate Word: 
  (a) variable magnification (zoom feature)  (b) pertaining to humidity measurement   (c) absorbs water  (d) caracterized by expansion with rising temperature
Difficult Word: - haute monde  (a) a supercilious attitude  (b) high society  (c) characterized by false pretenses  (d) the world of fashion

Doughnuts Fat Lies? - ABC  As obesity threatens to become the nation's No. 1 root cause of preventable death, and diet crazes have Americans counting calories off of labels, are some food manufacturers misleading consumers in ways that may cause them to pack on extra pounds?  Even as U.S. health officials are asking restaurants and packagers to voluntarily clarify their food's fat, calorie and portion-size labels, they are accusing other companies of breaking existing rules. For example, as officials laid out their new policy recently, a doughnut entrepreneur sat in jail over dubious "low-fat" labels.
Kevlar Supple Shields - ABC  Researchers at the University of Delaware in Newark and at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Md., have been working on a special substance called a "shear thickening fluid," or STF. It's a blend of microscopic silica particles suspended in a nontoxic fluid form of polyethylene glycol. The fabric maintains its flexibility during normal movement since the particles are suspended in the liquid. But when the material is placed under sharp and sudden stress such as from the force of a fast-moving bullet or missile fragment the silica particles "line up" to automatically stiffen the material, providing extra resistance against the stress.

8.5 Million US Homes To Add Broadband In 2004 - SpaceDaily  It will be another banner year in 2004 for broadband in the United States, with the number of homes using high-speed Internet service growing from 25 million today to 33.5 million by year's end. According to a new report from global research firm Strategy Analytics, cable modem users will account for 5.2 million of these new subscribers, while 2.9 million households will add DSL service. About 400,000 homes will use alternate broadband access technologies such as fiber, wireless, and two-way satellite services. cable operators can target a wider range of consumers by delivering faster access speedsand multi-service bundles.

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