Intermediate Word:  bellicose (a) warlike  (b) uncommonly comely  (c) bell-shaped  (d) rings when struck
Difficult Word:
  parastalsis  (a) all aligned in the same direction  (b) conversion from the ortho form to the para form  (c) digestive contractions of the stomach  (d) transition from a pupa to an imago

Brain image Hope for new brain tumour vaccine  - BBC  Left:  One in four brain tumours are glioblastoma multifores  A vaccine has been developed which may be able to fight the most aggressive form of brain tumour, scientists say.  US researchers say their vaccine increased survival times for the 23 glioblastoma multiforme patients they tested it on by at least 18 months. Only four patients went on to die from the cancer, the study to be presented at a meeting of experts in the US said. A larger trial of the jab, which works by targeting a protein thought to drive the tumour's spread, is now planned. It uses an artificial form of the protein, which is found on the outside of 30-50% of tumours.   
Happiness questionnaire Happy measures: Scientists piece together what really makes us happy  - BBC  Find out how happy you are  Neuroscientists are measuring pleasure. They suggest that happiness is more than a vague concept or mood; it is real. Social scientists measure happiness simply by asking people how happy they are. It is argued that what a person says about their own happiness tends to tally with what friends or even strangers might say about them if asked the same question. Most people say they are fairly happy. An adviser to the Prime Minister, David Halpern, told us that within the next 10 years the government would be measured against how happy it made everybody. 


Battle for certainty What creationism, time and global warming say about us  - BBC  There is something attractive about absolute beliefs, but we cannot afford ourselves the luxury of waiting for evidence on some issues, says Lisa Jardine. This week John Mackay from Queensland Australia, a passionate advocate of Creationism, has been touring halls and chapels in the UK attacking Darwin's theory that the human race has evolved gradually from the apes over millions of years. Mackay maintains that Genesis is literally true, that the earth is only a few thousand years old and that the exquisite organisation of nature is clear proof that God's hand lies behind all of creation.    

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