Intermediate Word:  neophyte (a) new plant shoot  (b) acolyte  (c) newly rich  (d) rookie
Difficult Word:
  baize  (a) mark of rank  (b) coffee carafe  (c) coarse, felt-napped woolen cloth  (d) Mid-Eastern weed

NASA Testing Prototype Software At Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station - SpaceDaily  Software that astronauts could use during spaceflight and in future moon habitats is being tested by NASA in a Utah desert April 23 to May 7, 2006. The research is taking place in Utah's southeast desert, at the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, where scientists are field-testing a computer network to monitor space power systems. The network uses the same kind of intelligent software that also may assist astronauts to conduct planetary exploration with robotic systems.      
Space Telescopes Probe Secrets Of Fossil Galaxy Clusters Far Far Away - SpaceDaily  Left:  XMM-Newton observations of the fossil galaxy cluster RX J1416.5+2315, show a cloud of hot gas emitting X-rays (in blue). The cloud, reaching temperatures of about 50 million degrees, extend over 3.5 million light years and surround a giant elliptical galaxy believed to have grown to its present size by cannibalising its neighbours. Image credit: Khosroshahi, Maughan, Ponman, Jones/ESA/ING  Astronomers using ESA's XMM-Newton and NASA's Chandra space telescopes have discovered further evidence that dark matter permeates and dominates the behavior of a particular type of galaxy cluster called a fossil group.    

 'Cheap' microjets take to the skies  - C/Net  Eclipse Aviation has what must be a pleasant problem: Too many people want to buy its new and inexpensive jet. When it comes to high-performance aircraft, of course, inexpensive is a relative term. The Eclipse 500 costs about $1.5 million but boasts the same performance as rivals that can cost two or three times as much to purchase and operate.

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