Intermediate Word:  artesian well (a) Pieran Spring  (b) water under enough pressure to flow as a spring  (c) well with water steeped in minerals  (d) diagonally drilled well that reaches under a neighbor's property
Difficult Word:
  palsgrave  (a) feudal lord  (b) friend's tomb  (c) Southwestern weed  (d) ermine-trimmed ecclesiastical robe

Hubble pictures comet demise  - BBC  The break-up of a comet has been shown in extraordinary detail by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. The images reveal the comet has crumbled into over three dozen fragments; many more than had been shown from ground-based observations. The disintegrating comet will pass Earth on 6 May at a distance of 11.7 million km (7.3 million miles). Comet 73P/Schwassmann-
Wachmann 3, discovered in 1930 by German astronomers, orbits the Sun every 5.4 years. Its break-up was first spotted in 1995 when observers noticed the comet had split into four chunks.    
Ministers bullish on biomass fuel  - BBC  Click here. The UK government says energy from crops, trees and waste can play a key role in meeting targets on renewable power and cutting CO2 emissions. Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks believes the sector is vital if the goal of renewable power providing 20% of UK electricity by 2020 is to be achieved. Only about 1% of UK electricity currently comes from biomass sources. He said it was likely that established technologies, such as onshore wind, would be the main players in meeting the 2003 Energy White Paper commitment of 10% of UK electricity coming from renewables by 2010. Beyond that, he said there was a range of other technologies - including tidal, wave, solar and biomass - that could play a part in helping reach the 2020 goal of 20% of electricity from renewable sources. Up to 15m is also being made available to help energy suppliers cover the costs of building and operating biomass boilers, with the promise of more money in 2007. Another initiative is the formation of a Biomass Energy Centre, run by the Forestry Commission, that will offer help and advice to people who wanted more information."What I would say is that the UK is going to need a huge, and I mean huge, amount of investment in its energy infrastructure in the coming five to 15 years," Mr Wicks said.

E-paper chase picks up speed  - C/Net  In the Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller "Minority Report," a subway passenger scans an issue of USA Today that is a plastic video screen, thin, foldable and wireless, with constantly changing text. The scene is no longer science fiction. This month, De Tijd, a Belgian financial newspaper, started testing versions of electronic paper, a device with low-power digital screens embedded with digital ink--millions of microscopic capsules the width of a human hair made with organic material that display light or dark images in response to electrical charges. This is only one test of new e-paper devices competing to become the iPod of the newspaper business. Other e-paper trials are being undertaken by the paper Les Echos, which is based here, by the newspaper trade group IFRA in Germany and, in the United States, by The New York Times. The devices weigh about 13 ounces and can be updated in Wi-Fi hot spots or through Internet connections (although they cannot be used to surf the Web yet). Their touch screens are also capable of doubling as notebooks to jot down information or to download books.   

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