Intermediate Word: 
  (a) gloomy  (b) convivial  (c) remedial  (d) oon the Q. T.
Difficult Word: - hong  (a) Chinese thuggee  (b) bamboo screen  (c) house of prostitution  (d) foreign tradiing house in China

On Bended Wing: Flexible Flying Machines - Space.com  Most air travelers today take comfort in the knowledge that when flying from place to place, the wings on their aircraft always keep their shape. But some aerospace researchers are working to do just the opposite; build a plane with malleable wings that bend and twist during flight. Unlike their fixed-wing cousins, airplanes with flexible wings could lead more efficient and maneuverable aircraft for both military and commercial aviation. 
Anti Missile Defense Shield On Alert By September - SpaceDaily  The Pentagon is likely to deploy its multi-billion dollar national missile defense system in Alaska in September even if it fails its flight tests this summer, the general in charge of the program said Tuesday. The five missiles, if they are put on alert, would only be able to detect and intercept warheads coming from North Korea or the Pacific. Kadish said it will not be until the United States deploys a powerful radar at Flyingdales, Great Britain that a missile threat from Iran can be countered -- provided the system works as advertised.  

Transgenic pig, BBC

Green-tinged farm points the way  - BBC  Pigs and chickens that glow in the dark may signal a new era for the farm yard. UK scientists at the Roslin Institute say they have dramatically improved the technique for introducing modifications to an animal's genetic make-up. So far, the researchers have used the new method to introduce a jellyfish gene that makes their pigs and chickens fluoresce - to prove changes will work. Now, the scientists expect to create animals that are resistant to disease or can be used to study disease. The improved technique borrows from procedures developed for gene therapy in humans.

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