Intermediate Word: 
  (a) to leave out  (b) to abdicate  (c) to forget   (d) to glide 
Difficult Word: - pibroch  (a) three-tined hayfork  (b) dirge for bagpipes  (c) kidney pie  (d) leather sporran

Origins Revealed: Sun and Earth Born amid Chaos - Space.com  A new twist on an emerging theory says the Sun was born amid massive, short-lived stars that sculpted our solar system with intense radiation and violent explosions that may have affected the origin of life. The fresh analysis pulls together several lines of evidence suggesting that the Sun did not form in isolation, as astronomers once thought. Instead, it emerged from the edge of a cloud of chaos not unlike three strikingly photogenic nebulas known as Eagle, Trifid and Orion.
Terra Bird Tracks Global Pollution - SpaceDaily  Left:  These composite images depict carbon monoxide (CO) measurements at an altitude of 850 hPa (hecto pascals, a unit for atmospheric pressure). The measurements were made by the Mopitt instrument on the Terra satellite. The plots show the CO observations (high values are in red) averaged over 4 years (March 2000-February 2004) of operation, for each season. High levels of pollution are found in both hemispheres, essentially above urban areas due to industry, motor vehicle traffic and domestic heating, and over areas where biomass fires occur. These fires are a result of wildfires, agricultural and deforestation burning. Pollution plumes are transported trans-boundary, affecting air quality in regions far from industrial and vegetation burning activity. Credit: Cathy Clerbaux, NCAR  The growing data record shows seasonal and annual variations, clues about how our planet may be changing.

When Bosons become Fermions - SpaceDaily  Left:  Three dimensional plot of the measured momentum distribution of an array of Tonks-Girardeau gases.  In what represents an unprecedented manipulation of matter, researchers at the Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching and the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz now report in Nature (Nature, 20 May 2004) that they have been able to fermionize a gas of bosonic atoms. Under special conditions at ultracold temperatures, they have made sociable bosons act like solitary fermions. Such a gas of fermionized bosons constitutes a novel quantum state of matter called a Tonks-Girardeau gas.

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