Intermediate Word:  demimonde (a) Southern hemisphere  (b)   (c) lacey, "peek-a-boo" housecoat  (d) a kept woman
Difficult Word:
  Rhadamanthine  (a) legendary superhard material  (b) Egyptian pharaoh  (c) strictly and uncompromisingly just  (d) Persian god of the underworld

Black Holes Help To Keep Biggest Galaxies Humming Efficiently - SpaceDaily  Left: A supermassive black hole sucks in surrounding interstellar gas, then expels it back out at enormous speed in an incredibly efficient process. Image credit: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics   A class of supermassive black holes once thought to be relatively quiet actually generates high-energy jets of particles powerful enough to put a brake on the formation of new stars, researchers said Monday. It seems the supermassive black holes - which happen to populate the biggest galaxies in the universe - can produce matter-energy conversion levels of 2.5 percent - or 25 times better than the best nuclear powerplants on Earth. The jets - created from the huge infall of gas captured by the black holes' gravity, collide with surrounding clouds of gas in the galaxy that otherwise would have gradually cooled and coalesced into new stars- but the heat of the collisions prevents that process.       
Blair (PA) Small changes 'add years to life'  - BBC  The Cambridge University study looked at over 25,000 people. These latest results from the study showed eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day can give you the life expectancy of someone three years younger. Not smoking turned the clock back by four to five years. Even increasing exercise by a moderate amount can take up to three years off. An office worker would need to do one hour of exercise, such as swimming or jogging, every day, while a person with a moderately active job, such as a hairdresser, would need to take 30 minutes exercise a day.  

Coming soon: Cars that get 100 miles per gallon  - C/Net  A few small companies will start to offer services and products for converting hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius that currently get around 50 miles per gallon into plug-in hybrids that rely more heavily on electrical power and can get about 100 miles per gallon. "I get about 99 miles to the gallon," said Felix Kramer, founder of The California Cars Initiative (Calcar) 

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