Intermediate Word: 
  (a) ancient state in Asia Minor north of Scythia (b) type of sheep  (c) Carthaginian city   (d) Wales 
Difficult Word: - knesset  (a) chickpeas, barley, mutton and herbs  (b) Israeli parliament  (c) leather-wrapped club  (d) desert shrine

Asteroid Eaters: Robots to Hunt Space Rocks, Protect Earth - Space.com  At the movies, the best way to stop an asteroid from wiping out Earth is to lob a few nuclear missiles at the rocky beast or blow it apart from the inside with megaton bombs. A team of engineers are looking at a more patient approach. Their weapon: a swarm of nuclear-powered robots that could drill into an asteroid and hurl chunks of it into space with enough force to gradually push it into a non-Earth impacting course. 
Magic Book interface device, Hitlab Books get a 'magical' makeover to bring them to life  - BBC  New Zealand researchers have developed a way to overlay detailed animations and images on textbooks, children's picture books and any other title that uses illustrations. The 3D images are seen via a handheld viewer that watches where a reader is looking. With a flick of a switch the viewer can also plunge readers into an immersive virtual world that lets them explore the book's subject in more depth. The combined viewing and reading system, called the Magic Book, has already been used in some museums and public spaces in New Zealand.

Diagram of activity monitoring, Accenture

Smart homes offer a helping hand  - BBC   The work is aimed at helping older people by spotting when they get into difficulties, to diagnose health problems before they become serious and to combat loneliness by making it easier to keep in touch with their family: persuasive mirrors, connective tables, shared scrap books, interactive pictures, and activity monitoring. The persuasive mirror manipulates images of a person in real time depending on what they have been doing all day. The connective table would use video-conferencing and projectors to let people play games such as draughts or chess even though they were in different locations. Shared scrap books would let individual family members contribute images, messages and video to a single electronic journal. Interactive pictures would be a framed screen that acted as a direct channel to the person that it depicted.

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