Intermediate Word: 
  (a) short speech of commendation  (b) pithy remark  (c) slanderous remark  (d) impromptu speech 
Difficult Word: - mozetta  (a) bishop's short cape  (b) unleavened bread, cheese, and tomato sauce  (c) Spanish dance  (d) albino sheep

China To Launch Own Permanent Space Station - SpaceDaily  China will launch its own permanent manned space station within 15 years, but does not plan to send a man to the moon, the chief designer of the country's space program was cited as saying Tuesday. This is in contrast to previous statements from Chinese officials suggesting the country was hoping to land an astronaut on the moon at some point within the coming decades. Wang Yongzhi also revealed that China's manned space program has guzzled 18 billion yuan (2.18 billion dollars) over the past 11 years. China's desire to compete in space with other world powers has become a mammoth undertaking.
NASA Plans To Put An Aura Around The Earth - SpaceDaily  On June 19, NASA will launch Aura, a next generation Earth- observing satellite. Aura will supply the best information yet about the health of Earth's atmosphere. Aura will help scientists understand how atmospheric composition affects and responds to Earth's changing climate. The satellite will help reveal the processes that connect local and global air quality. It will also track the extent to which Earth's protective ozone layer is recovering. Aura will carry four instruments designed to survey different aspects of Earth's atmosphere. Aura will accurately detect global levels of CFCs and chlorine and bromine, which destroy ozone.

Climate: Sitting In The Catbird Seat? - SpaceDaily  The Pew Center of Global Climate Change's report, "A Synthesis of Potential Climate Impacts on the United States," finds the country as whole has a high capacity to adapt to anticipated climate change, although the effects to natural systems, different economic sectors and different regions will vary. This could be viewed as another case of the rich getting richer, because the study also says the impacts of climate change on poorer developing countries "are likely to be negative, even at lower levels of warming." The Pew study predicts low-to-moderate warming will cost the U. S. about 1 percent of the gross domestic product.

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