Intermediate Word:  intifada (a) Spanish infant princess  (b) peace movement  (c) uprising  (d) insect infestation
Difficult Word:
  Cochin china  (b) cream-colored eggshell china  (b) blue-and-white willow china from Cochin Province  (c) reddish-brown dye  (d) feathered-leg rooster

Al Gore delivers global warming warning at Cannes Film Festival  - BBC  Former US vice-president Al Gore, who is at the Cannes Film Festival, has warned the world is facing a "planetary emergency" due to global warming. A documentary based on the politician's environmental campaigning is being screened at the festival. Mr Gore said the world faced a stark choice between the end of civilisation and a future for its children. He also said he was not considering running again for presidential office in 2008. The film shows photographs of changes to glaciers around the world, with snow disappearing from the Alps, Antarctica and the South Pole.  
Cloned mules set to race against naturally-bred brethren  - BBC  The world's first equine clone will challenge naturally bred runners next month in Nevada. Idaho Gem is a mule created three years ago by cloning DNA taken from a foetus produced by the parents of a champion racer. It will race against another mule clone and a full field of non-clones. The two clones have been separated for two years, so their performances could offer insight into the role of the environment in development. Mr Jacklin said he hoped cloning technology would eventually be embraced by the horse racing industry as another breeding tool.   

Pressure or leisure: Will China in 2026 bring bliss for all, or is disaster looming?  - BBC  China's economy has been growing at a rate of about10% a year for at least the past decade, a growth rate that has put it well on track to becoming the world's richest economy. The country has moved from relative isolation to become the beating heart of the world economy, with 80% of the world's consumer electronics goods now being made there. But Shanghai cannot keep growing at this rate forever, and neither can China's economy. From highs of around 10% annual growth, economists believe China will settle down to around 6% growth a year. So in 20 years time, things will be moving a bit slower. But China will still be growing, at rates most developed countries envy. "The amount of personal freedom has improved dramatically."

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