Intermediate Word:  connubial -  (a) marital  (b) convivial  (c) consanguinity  (d)  identifying with a certain group or social stratum
Difficult Word: - sui juris    (a) in accordance with the law  (b) legally a lusus naturae  (c)  capable of managing one's own affairs   (d)  outside the law

Image of MRI Brain scan 'sees hidden thoughts'  - BBC  A team at University College London found with fMRI they could tell what a person was thinking deep down even when the individual was unaware themselves. In the experiment, Dr Geraint Rees and Dr John-Dylan Haynes measured brain activity in the visual cortex - the part of the brain that deals with information sent by the eyes - while volunteers looked at different test objects on a computer screen. When two images were flashed in quick succession, the volunteers only consciously saw the second one and were unable to make out the first.   
Image of the surgery Alzheimer's gene therapy hailed  - BBC  The first Alzheimer's patients to test pioneering gene therapy are proof of the treatment's promise, say doctors. Between 2001 and 2002, surgeons at San Diego's University of California placed genetically modified tissue into the brains of eight Alzheimer's patients. It is designed to boost a naturally occurring protein that stops cell death and stimulates cell function. In animals, the therapy restored old, shrinking brain cells back to near-normal size and quantity, as well as connections essential for communication between the cells. An alternative approach consists of injecting nerve growth factor into the brain.  

NASA Announces Key Genesis Science Collectors In Excellent Shape - SpaceDaily  Left:  Scientists extract a perfectly intact silicon carbide target from the Genesis spacecraft's "concentrator" target for solar wind science. Credit: NASA/JSC.  Scientists have closely examined four Genesis spacecraft collectors, vital to the mission's top science objective, and found them in excellent shape, despite the spacecraft's hard landing last year. "Finding these concentrator targets intact raised our spirits a huge amount the day after the impact. With the removal of the concentrator targets this week, we are getting closer to learning what these targets will tell us about the sun and our solar system," he added.   

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