Intermediate Word: 
  (a) worrisome symptom  (b) pasha's wife   (c) migraine  (d) grand vizier
Difficult Word: - syllabub  (a) eunuch  (b) wine and sweetened milk  (c) gullible patsy  (d) self-contradictory statement

Hubble Creates Mystery of Missing Galaxies - Space.com  A new analysis of a recently released Hubble image found eight of the most distant galaxies every seen. The view reveals the first hints shapes in some of the earliest galaxies and surprising measures of primordial star creation. The distant galaxies, more than 13 billion light-years away, are forming stars at a feverish pace, a situation researchers can't explain and that they described as "strange." 
Life In The Universe Could Be Just About Everywhere - SpaceDaily  The chemistry that underlies life on Earth is abundant throughout the universe -- in comets, in the interstellar medium, in the atmospheres of planets, in the outer solar system bodies and in living organisms, an astrophysicist told United Press International. "You have the chemical foundation spread throughout the entire galaxy," she said. "We're not special. I would bet -- if I had a million dollars -- I would bet that life is widespread across the universe." Life's basic building blocks comprise a group of chemicals known as nitrogenated aromatics. 

Space: A Job For Man Or Machine?  - SpaceDaily  The luck of landing in a crater exposing bedrock however was dwarfed by finding water evidence only ten meters from the lander's base station. "The spherical grains, called concretions, are the geological equivalent of hail stones. They speak of being formed in water. Meridiani Planum was once drenched with water, maybe billions of years ago. But we don't have to speculate anymore, Mars has given us ground-truth as evidence of water"--the first such finding on the surface of another world. "Nothing can replace the power of the human mind and hand in exploration. But eventually we will have to have humans for the next level of discovery."

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