Intermediate Word: 
  (a) sluggishly indifferent  (b) cutthroat ambitious   (c) well-prepared  (d) very outgoing
Difficult Word: - pretermit  (a) to pre-authorize  (b) to specify limits in advance  (c) to intentionally disregard  (d) to replace the natural with the artificial

Researchers Identify Key Immune Factors Associated With Sars - SpaceDaily  The Canadian Network for Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics (CANVAC) has announced that a group of its scientists has identified key immune factors associated with the early stages of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). They found that one immune molecule, known as IP-10, was very high in the blood of all SARS patients at the beginning of their illness. During the early stages of SARS, such high levels of IP-10, a key immune factor, suggest that the body is beginning to fight the battle against SARS. Moreover, as patients recover from SARS, the amount of IP-10 in the blood drops. However, in the patients who have a very bad case of SARS, IP-10 levels remain high. Sadly, in patients who die, the levels always remain high. Dr. Kelvin and his team think that the immune system is not working properly in patients who cannot overcome SARS.
DARPA Pursuing A Mobile Energy Recovery System For The Battlefield  - SpaceDaily  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Mobile Integrated Sustainable Energy Recovery (MISER) program has two thrusts. The first will develop technologies to harness the energy content of packaging waste generated during military field operations and convert it to electricity. The second is aimed at developing plastic packaging technologies made from renewable sources using processes that do not require hazardous chemicals or generate toxic waste streams. These capabilities would reduce military logistics burdens by providing fuel for on-site power generation while disposing of waste. Ultimately, MISER technology may be able to replace much of the fuel needs for electrical power in the field, a huge cost savings. Using packaging materials produced with environmentally sustainable methods would provide an additional benefit. Plastic packaging waste has an energy content that approaches that of diesel fuel.

It's Time For Hubble-2 - SpaceDaily  There are a lot of issues to debate right now about the future of space flight, and we Space Cadets are debating them furiously among ourselves. But the only issue that has really fired up the wider public beyond January was the decision to scrap the scheduled Space Shuttle refurbishment mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe has fed this fire of criticism by offering an obviously phony rationale based on safety, and refusing to entertain any dissent or honest debate on the issue. O'Keefe has even told Congress that he would ignore a proposed National Academy of Sciences study on the question if it disagreed with his views! 

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