Intermediate Word:  furlong (a) entire pelt of an animal  (b) tool for shaping trimming strips  (c) 1/8th mile  (d) surplice
Difficult Word:
  glabella  (b) smooth area between eyes  (b) edible mushroom  (c) flowing Bedouin robe  (d) flowering vine

DARPA's Robot Challenge Goes Urban - Live Science  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) yesterday announced plans to hold the Urban Challenge competition on Nov. 3, 2007. The goal is to spur advances in robotics that will aid military supply missions. Another $2 million prize awaits the team whose robot can successfully maneuver a mock 60-mile urban course in under six hours. The robot will have to obey traffic laws, merge into traffic, and navigate traffic circles and busy intersections.     
         British Healthier than Americans - Live Science  Despite the fact that the United States spends more on medical care per capita than the United Kingdom—$5,274 compared to $2,164—Americans ages 55 to 64 suffer from higher rates of many life-threatening diseases and conditions than their counterparts across the Atlantic. At 12.5 percent, diabetes prevalence was twice as high in the United States and hypertension was about 10 percentage points higher. 

Straw of life: The straw that stops water-borne disease as you drink  - BBC  Inside are filters and a chamber impregnated with iodine. These remove the bacteria from the water as it is drunk. In the developing world, one person in six does not have access to drinking water, and 6,000 people a day die from water-borne diseases. The LifeStraw, however, is designed to filter these out - it includes a disinfectant filter which kills bacteria, and active carbon which removes parasites and gives the water a better taste. It is priced at around $3.50 (£1.85) a straw. Each one will last for around 700 litres, around six months to a year.   

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