Intermediate Word: 
  (a) primitive Cretaceous bird  (b) fused vertebrae at base of spine   (c) sphincter between small and large intestine  (d) pupa pf the 17-year locust
Difficult Word: - pappus  (a) infected pimple  (b) frilled paper cover decorating end of cutlet  (c) spider's egg sac  (d) tuft of ristles on dandelion

The Heartbeat of a Dying Star - Space.com  In a stellar version of the walking dead, one near-corpse of a star jumpstarts the heartbeat of its close companion as the two spiral toward an eventual embrace that will destroy them both. One of the stars spins on its axis hundreds of times every second, the other rotates once every 2.8 seconds. They dance around one another every 2.4 hours, travelling at a remarkably swift 0.1 percent of the speed of light. 
Teeth New teeth 'could soon be grown'   - BBC  Scientists at King's College London have been awarded 500,000 to help them develop human teeth from stem cells. The company Odontis, set up by the college, hopes to develop its research for tests on humans within two years after successful research on mice. Stem cells, the so-called master cells, would be programmed to develop into teeth and then transplanted into the patient's jaw where the gap is. The cost should not be more than the price of synthetic implants of between 1,500 - 2,000. But it could be five years before the technology is widely available to the general public.

Spotless minds: Is mind control just the stuff of movies - or can it be real?  - BBC  American neuroscientists are currently developing "memory-management" drugs. They believe that such pills could help individuals improve their memory skills or even erase unwanted memories, such as that bad childhood experience lurking at the back of your mind. So is mind control myth or reality? "'Mind control' is a made-up term", says Professor E Mark Stern of Iona Collage in New York, author of The Other Side of the Couch. "But yes, it is possible to totally influence a person's inner world." 

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