Intermediate Word:  rota (a) roofed rotunda surrounded by pillars  (b) curb that slopes up rather than rises vertically  (c) a microscopic marine animal with a spherical shell  (d) unleavened bread prepared frommillet
Difficult Word:
  una corda  (a) suppoirted by a single support member  (b) soft-pedaled  (c) bottleneck  (d) well-coordinated

One-Of-A-Kind Meteorite Unveiled - SpaceDaily  LeftOn January 25 near dusk, a local resident, Jim Brook (below), found meteorites on the snow covered ice of Taku Arm of Tagish Lake while driving home. He returned the next day to collect several dozen meteorites in total. The meteorites represent a particularly fragile variety of carbonaceous chondrites (1, 2). The meteorites were collected without skin contact and have been kept subsequently frozen. During the spring melt, ~500 additional meteorites were recovered from a strew field ~16 km long and ~5 km wide oriented at ~150° The depths of space are much closer to home following the University of Alberta's acquisition of a meteorite that is the only one of its kind known to exist on Earth! What makes it so rare? The meteorite is 'pristine' - that is, still frozen and uncontaminated - and so provides an invaluable preserved record of material from when the solar system formed 4.57 billion years ago. The Tagish Lake Meteorite is carbonaceous chondrite and, as such, represents primitive material from which the solar system formed.     
Life-Marker Chip Planned For ESA Mars Lander - SpaceDaily  Left:  Dr. Lisa Monaco, the project scientist for the Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Development program, examines a lab on a chip. The small dots are actually ports where fluids and chemicals can be mixed or samples can be collected for testing.  A Dutch company said it plans to unveil a lab-on-a-chip system Monday intended to analyze rocky Martian soil for signs of life on a future ESA mission to the red planet. The chip is meant to be an extremely compact, fully-automated instrument - part of the mission’s Pasteur payload - to analyze samples of Martian rocky soil for "extant and extinct" bio-molecules. The company said the chip will enter the nanotechnology realm with its planar waveguide technology, allowing for complex optical functions on a single chip, such as switching and filtering of optically coded datacom signals applied in telecom applications

Deflecting Asteroids Difficult But Possible - SpaceDaily  Left:  Just what can a little spacecraft do to deflect an asteroid - a lot say some scientists.  Col. Gen. Vladimir Popovkin, commander of the Russian Military Space Forces, told a news conference Friday that the national satellite network lacked a spacecraft capable of preventing an asteroid strike. Astronomers have already spotted about 800 asteroids, solid rocky celestial bodies, with a diameter of over 1,000 meters (3,250 feet) moving along circumsolar elliptical orbits. However, there may be as many as 2,000 large asteroids, and some 135,000 rocks with a diameter of 100 meters (325 feet) and more.  

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