Intermediate Word:  foolscap -  (a) flower, with blossom shaped like jester's cap  (b) jester's cap  (c) 13" X 16" sheet of paper  (d)  front-most position in a line or group
Difficult Word: - ridley    (a) an amazing item or event  (b) ship's compass card  (c)  laced with tubular holes   (d)  marine turtle

RHIC Scientists Serve Up Perfect Liquid - SpaceDaily   Left: These images contrast the degree of interaction and collective motion, or "flow," among quarks in the predicted gaseous quark-gluon plasma state (Figure A, see mpeg animation) vs. the liquid state that has been observed in gold-gold collisions at RHIC (Figure B, see mpeg animation). The green "force lines" and collective motion (visible on the animated version only) show the much higher degree of interaction and flow among the quarks in what is now being described as a nearly "perfect" liquid. See larger image.  The four detector groups conducting research at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) - a giant atom "smasher" located at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory - say they've created a new state of hot, dense matter out of the quarks and gluons that are the basic particles of atomic nuclei, but it is a state quite different and even more remarkable than had been predicted. "The truly stunning finding at RHIC that the new state of matter created in the collisions of gold ions is more like a liquid than a gas gives us a profound insight into the earliest moments of the universe. The possibility of a connection between string theory and RHIC collisions is unexpected and exhilarating," Dr. Orbach said.
New Particle Detector Helps Probe The First Matter In The Primordial Universe - SpaceDaily   In this stage, the jets of blazing matter that dispersed in all directions in the first few fractions of a second in the existence of the universe contained a mixture of free quarks and gluons. Later on, when the universe cooled down a bit and became less dense, the quarks and gluons got "organized" into various combinations that created more complex particles called hadrons, a group that includes protons and neutrons. Since then, in fact, quarks or gluons have not existed as free particles in the universe. While many particles have behaved as expected, the behavior of others has been a complete surprise. 

Space Race 2: The X Prize Revisited - SpaceDaily  Left:  New Mexico is spending $9 million to develop space-launch and landing facilities, as well as related support installations at the proposed Southwest Regional Spaceport in Upham, located near Las Cruces. The spaceport is expected to begin operations in 2007 or 2008.  Organizers anticipate the X Prize Cup will stimulate creativity in space transportation by offering cash prizes in about a dozen competitions. Proposed contests include: - Quickest turnaround, - Limitations on thrust-to-total-weight ratios, - Highest altitude,  - Most passengers to space in a single flight, and - Greatest cross-range. The foundation also is considering awarding trophies for various attributes.

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