Intermediate Word:  homozygotic -  (a) attracted to the same sex  (b) uniformly distributed  (c) same dispositions  (d) genetically identical
Difficult Word: - lubber line    (a) line of amateurs awaiting their turn  (b) line used to hoist a yardarm  (c) ship's heading  (d) line behind which spectators must stand when a boat is setting sail

Help Wanted: Space Colonist Need To Be More Than Astronauts - Space.com  When we get to the Moon we are going to want to build structures where we can take off that space suit. We are currently thinking about ways to use the lunar regolith as a primary building material.  Hopefully we will find usable water and other chemicals. Experiments using the samples of regolith to make bricks were very successful with little or no degradation over a period of fifteen or twenty years.     
Unstoppable Creepy Crawlers - Space.com  A virtually unstoppable "snakebot" has been developed by a University of Michigan team, resembling a high-tech slinky as it climbs pipes and stairs, rolls over rough terrain and spans wide gaps to reach the other side. The 26-pound robot developed at the U-M College of Engineering is called OmniTread. It moves by rolling, log-style, or by lifting its head or tail, inchworm-like, and muscling itself forward. The snake-shaped serpentine robot is propelled along by moving treads that cover 80 percent of its body. These treads prevent the snakebot from stalling or becoming stuck on rough terrain because, similar to a tire touching a road, the treads propel the robot forward like a tire touching a road. Historically, scientists haven't had much success with wheeled and tracked robots on rough terrain because they constantly stall.   

Ubari And Murzuq Sand Seas Of Libya  - Space.com   Most of the face of the Sahara desert stretching across Northern Africa is bare stone and pebbles rather than sand dunes, but there are exceptions sprawling sea of multi-storey sand dunes known as 'ergs'. The Erg Ubari (also called Awbari) is the reddish sand sea towards the top of the image. A dark outcrop of Nubian sandstone separates the Erg Ubari sand from the Erg Murzuq (also called Murzuk) further south. A persistent high-pressure zone centred over Libya keeps the centre of the Sahara completely arid for years at a time, but research has discovered evidence of 'paleolakes' in this region associated with a wetter and more fertile past. Libya today has no permanent rivers or water bodies, but has various vast fossil aquifers. These natural underground basins hold enormous amounts of fresh water.

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