Intermediate Word:  dulcet -  (a) stringed instrument  (b) sultry  (c) sweet  (d) sullen
Difficult Word: - hornbeam    (a) tree  (b) African toucan  (c) antelope  (d) diagonal beam bracing center ridge

New Research Indicates A 'Troubled' Greenhouse Is Brewing - SpaceDaily  Climates like those in the movie "Monsoon Wedding" may extend more widely into Africa, North America and South America, according to a University of Oregon geologist's analysis of an ancient greenhouse event. "We know the gathering greenhouse will be warm, but this new information confirms that the contrast between the rainy season and the dry season will increase dramatically." In this case, the word "troubled" refers to the stormy conditions shown to have been in play during a well-known greenhouse event some 55 million years ago during the late Paleocene epoch.   
Some Deep-Sea Earthquakes Send Out Early-Warning Signals, Seismologists Say - SpaceDaily  Earthquakes along a set of fault lines in the Pacific Ocean emit small "foreshocks" that can be used to forecast the main tremor, according to research in the March 24 issue of Nature. It is the first demonstration that some types of large imminent earthquakes may be systematically predictable on time scales of hours or less. Co-author Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center in the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, stresses that quakes on land generally do not show many foreshocks and cannot be predicted with the methods outlined in the Nature paper.     

Secrets Of Whales' Long-Distance Songs Unveiled - SpaceDaily  Long ago scientists discovered whales could sing. They can utter different sounds to express anger, surprise and sadness with the changes of environments and their physical conditions. It was also discovered that whales in the North Atlantic Ocean seem to be moving together and coherently, even when they were far away from one another. "We now have evidence that they are communicating with each other over thousands of miles of ocean. Singing is part of their social system and community," Clark said. Scientists have also discovered that whales sing new songs each year. New syllables appear constantly to replace old ones and the new syllables soon spread worldwide. 

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