Intermediate Word:  easement (a) pain reliever  (b) curb that slopes up rather than rises vertically  (c) right to make limited use of another's property  (d) behavior aimed at putting another at ease
Difficult Word:
  gamine  (a) neglected girl with impish appeal  (b) single amino acid in a gene  (c) gaming addict  (d) prey

U.S.-China Space Ties Weighed  - Technology Review   NASA has asked the China National Space Administration (CNSA) to take part next week in an invitation-only Exploration Strategy Workshop to be held in Washington, D.C. The confab is seen by NASA as the first step in a series of activities planned for 2006 that will focus on defining a global space exploration strategy for robotic and human lunar exploration, including the role of the Moon as a stepping stone to Mars and other destinations.      
Study Reveals Young Mars Was A Wet World  The most comprehensive study ever conducted of minerals on Mars' surface reveals the planet has undergone three distinct geological eras throughout its history, with water playing a progressively lesser role in each. If life as we know it here on Earth ever existed on the red planet, it could only have survived in the planet's infancy, during the earliest era, the study concludes.      

China Plans Third Manned Space Flight To Fly In September 2008 - SpaceDaily  Left: Although no major technological breakthroughs have been made with China's manned space program, the nation has sought to use the flights as a vehicle to better educate its 1.3 billion citizens to modern science. China's third manned space flight will take place in September 2008 immediately aftter the Beijing Olympic Games, with astronauts attempting a space walk, state press reported Sunday. "The launch of the Shenzhou VII has been set for after the Beijing Olympics in September 2008 and will carry three astronauts," said Song Zhengyu, a leading official at the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. The flight will be launched from China's Jiuquan launch center in the deserts of northwest China's Inner Mongolia, Song said. China became the third nation to place a man in space after the former Soviet Union and the United States.   

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