Intermediate Word:  depone (a) calumnify  (b) declare under oath  (c) get a continuance  (d) decamp
Difficult Word:
  laparotomy  (a) surgical procedure not covered by insurance  (b) incision in abdominal wall  (c) surgical removal of excess fat  (d) removal of gall bladder

Better than Hybrids    - Technology Review   A new type of ethanol-boosted, turbocharged gasoline engine could be the answer. The engine would be almost as efficient as gas-electric hybrids, but cost much less, according to its MIT inventors -- Leslie Bromberg and Daniel Cohn, plasma science and fusion center researchers, and John Heywood, professor of mechanical engineering. The new engine would improve efficiency iby reducing the engine size and adding a supercharger, and increasing its compression ratio.     
Low Cost Internet Access At Sea - Science Daily  Through a project supported by the European Space Agency, the UK-based company Wired Ocean Ltd can now provide enhanced Internet access for ships at sea at a much lower cost than was previously possible. The Wired Ocean approach uses a hybrid solution, combining Ku-band satellites for the downlink and narrow L-band satellites for the return channel. While at sea, the downlink (forward) channel offers a speed of 512 kbps and the uplink (return) channel speed is 9.6 kbps for Globalstar and up to 64 kbps for Inmarsat. This configuration promises to be more economical than purely narrowband satellite systems, with cost savings of as much as 70% over current systems.    

Fruitfly Study Shows How Evolution Wings It - Science Daily  Left: The courtship rituals of some species of fruitfly depend much on the attractive powers of the wing spots sported by males. The spots on fruitfly wings, according to a new study by HHMI investigator Sean Carroll at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have been gained and lost multiple times in different species of fruitfly. The work shows evolution and sexual selection, one of Darwin's great ideas, at work.  The experiments are among the first to root out "the deep mechanics of evolution" that underpin complex traits, according to the study's senior author Sean Carroll, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the frantic world of fruitfly courtship, the difference between attracting a mate and going home alone may depend on having the right wing spots   

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