Intermediate Word:  galliwasp -  (a) printer's inkpot  (b) South American lizard  (c) oversized African wasp  (d)  focsle sheet
Difficult Word: - uredo    (a) urinary catheter  (b) uranium-mine scrap  (c) burning itch  (d) ship stabilizer

Dusty debris may be asteroid belt  - BBC  The Spitzer telescope has detected what looks to be an asteroid belt around a star some 41 light-years from Earth. US astronomers say that if confirmed it would be the first such band of rocky material found around a star of similar age and size to our own Sun. The alien girdle is quite close to its star, known as HD69830, and is much thicker than the asteroid belt seen between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Spitzer has not seen large asteroids directly. What it has detected is the warm glow from dust grains in the suspected belt. This dust is the fallout from rock collisions, which occur relatively frequently, about every 1,000 years. 
HAPPEx Results Hint At Strangely Magnetic Proton - Science Daily  New results from research performed at the Department of Energy's Jefferson Lab hint that strange quarks may contribute to the proton's magnetic moment. If confirmed by data to be taken later this year, these surprising results would indicate that strange quarks in the proton's quark-gluon sea contribute to at least one of the proton's intrinsic properties. The electromagnetic force is mirror-symmetric (the electrons' spin will not affect the number of electrons scattered), while the weak force is not (electrons polarized one way will interact differently than electrons spinning oppositely).    

Qatar to replace camel riders with robots

Qatar to replace camel riders with robots  - CNN  Left:  Kamel, the robot jockey, rides Ghazil, a Qatari camel, during a test-run at the Shahaniah camel race track in Doha, Qatar.  Under the watchful eyes of his Swiss developer and Qatari owners, the robot -- dubbed Kamel -- rode a racing camel for 1.5 miles, reaching speeds of 25 miles per hour in a non-competitive trial run. By 2007, rulers of this energy-rich emirate say all camel racers will be mechanical. The 60-pound robot is also equipped with a global positioning system satellite beacon and shock absorbers for the rough ride. A camel handler follows the rider in a vehicle and uses a joystick on the laptop-sized remote to issue four instructions: forward, backward, sideways and whip action. 

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