Intermediate Word:  reprehend  (a) find fault with  (b) intervene  (c) disobey  (d) bestow an accolade
Difficult Word: - bombardon  (a) heavy mortar  (b) medieval siege engine  (c) ice cream flambé  (d) contrabass tube

No-Till Farming Offers A Quick Fix To Host Of Global Problems - SpaceDaily  Increase no-till farming practices across the planet or face serious climate, soil quality and food production problems in the next 20 to 50 years. That warning from scientists appeared in the journal Science this week. No-till farming helps soil retain carbon. Healthy topsoil contains carbon-enriched humus – decaying organic matter that provides nutrients to plants. Soils low in humus can't maintain the carbon-dependent nutrients essential to healthy crop production, resulting in the need to use more fertilizers. A lack of carbon in soil may promote erosion.
New Products Growing Organic Light Emitting Diode Market - SpaceDaily  Currently, small molecule OLEDs (SMOLEDs) are proving to be the biggest challenger to LCD, especially in the small-sized displays market. Constraints in current manufacturing techniques make SMOLEDs unsuitable for large displays, leading them to target the sub-display segment in mobile phones. Innovative marketing has resulted in SMOLEDS being used in 90 percent of flip phones with sub-displays. "Their advantage is pressed on by the fact that while SMOLEDs can be as thin as its circuitry, LCDs' requirement for backlighting adds to the thickness and heaviness of the device."  

UNESCO Welcomes China's Contribution To Oceanographic Research - SpaceDaily  China, which has a long coastal line, has made a big contribution to the study by engaging itself in many international joint projects. China has joined the ARGO (array for real-timegeostrophic oceanography) global oceanic monitoring plan, launchedby aerologists and oceanographers from the United States and othernations in 1998 to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts, and the Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS), initiated by the UNESCO/IOC and other international organizations. China has so far placed more than 20 ARGO satellite-tracked floats at designated zones.

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