Intermediate Word:  purl -  (a) to mewl  (b)   (c) census taker  (d)  to flow with murmuring sound
Difficult Word: - parquet    (a) game played with parquet rackets  (b) drawstring reticule  (c) floor of theater  (d) wall covering made of narrow, parallel strips of wood

Reaching for the Moon, Mars the Nuclear Way - Space.com   Nuclear propulsion could be invaluable for scientific missions such as the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter.  Though deep-space missions have flown by bodies in the outer planets, they have not been able to orbit a moon that distant because of a lack of power. That far from the sun, solar power doesn't help much.  However, it will now be first used for inner-solar-system trips to the Moon and Mars says the head of NASA's nuclear push.
Oceanographers Collect 1.5 Million Year Record Of Climate Change In Africa - SpaceDaily  Left:  Lake Malawi (pictured) is one of world's deepest (700 meters) and oldest (more than 5 million years) lakes, and contains a rich assemblage of biological species found nowhere else on earth. Longer than Lake Michigan, it is situated in tropical latitudes that serve as the atmosphere's heat engine, and the region plays a major role in driving global climate dynamics.  Four University of Rhode Island oceanographers and colleagues recovered sediment samples from beneath Lake Malawi in East Africa that provide up to 1.5 million years of information about how climate in Africa has changed the longest continuous record of such data ever collected from that continent.    

China Works Out Lunar Robot Series - SpaceDaily  Chinese scientists say they have worked out a group of secondary robots which resemble wheels of a vehicle to carry out exploration missions on the moon. The robot series are an array of independently-controlled, concurrent and reconfigurable secondary robots, each consisting ofan arm for carrying objects, collecting samples, surveying and mapping, and a triangular wheel for independent walking and skipping obstacles, said a spokesman for the Automation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). These secondary robots are like wheels of the moon rover, whichis also made up of a primary robot.    

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