Intermediate Word:  scrivener -  (a) scribe  (b) debt collector  (c) census taker  (d)  advocate
Difficult Word: - culm    (a) helmet  (b) grass stem joint  (c) mine tailings  (d) constable

Early Universe was Liquid-like, Study Suggests - Space.com  By reproducing the conditions of the early universe, Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider has shown that unconstrained quarks and gluons don't fly away in all directions so much as squirt out in streams. "The matter that we've formed behaves like a very nearly perfect liquid,'' Aronson said. The new discovery offers opportunities to better learn how subatomic particles interact at the most fundamental level.   
Distant Galaxies Show Fundamental Constant Unchanged In 7 Billion Years - SpaceDaily  Left: The top panel magnifies a small region of the DEEP2 survey. Even at this early era, galaxies are clustered into filamentary structures, separated by empty voids. The middle panel shows a small region of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, using a scale that has expanded along with the universe since the era of DEEP2. Galaxies here are clustered into denser structures, with somewhat larger voids between them. The bottom panel shows a region of the SDSS of the same physical size as the portion of DEEP2 shown that is, it is on the same scale as measured with a standard, fixed ruler.  Conclusion: The fine structure constant has not changed in more than 7 billion years, according to observations by a team of astronomers charting the evolution of galaxies and the universe.

Spontaneous Ignition Discovery Has ORNL Researcher Fired Up - SpaceDaily  Zhiyu Hu believes it is possible to match nature's highly efficient method to convert chemicals into thermal energy at room temperature, and he has data and a published paper to support his theory. He achieves this "nano-catalytic reaction" with nothing but nanometer-sized particles of platinum stuck to fibers of glass wool in a small jar with methanol and air with no source of external ignition. Many biological reactions also use metals as part of their enzyme catalysts. Hu quickly realized that the implications could be significant because of the potential gains in energy conversion and utilization.

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