Intermediate Word:  coeval  pertaining to  (a) of equal importance  (b) existing since ancient times  (c) of monumental importance  (d) co-existent
Difficult Word: - palmer  (a) greeter  (b) kleptomaniac  (c) palm-carrying pilgrim  (d) warden of the royal hunting grounds

mushroom The mushroom remedy that may make you fitter  - BBC  A Chinese mushroom improves the fitness of middle-aged and elderly people, research suggests. Tests showed people aged between 40 and 70 who lived a sedentary lifestyle became fitter after taking an extract of the Cordyceps mushroom. The research presented to the American Physiological Society indicated an improvement in the ability to exercise and a reduction in tiredness. Volume of oxygen consumption went up 5.5% in the group given the remedy, but only 2.2% in the others, suggesting an increase in aerobic capacity. The time taken to complete a one-mile walk was reduced by 29 seconds
Uzbek children Secret ancient city: An archaeological treasure from the time of Alexander the Great  - BBC  Kampyr-Tepe, in southern Uzbekistan, was built at the time of Alexander the Great's empire and occupied for about 500 years until it fell into decline. It was here that Alexander raised his capital more than 2,000 years ago. This was the furthest conquest, then, of the Greeks in Asia. The small houses were in the nearest part of the city. Square rooms opened on to a grid of narrow passages, criss-crossing to make streets. There was not a sound but the birds flocking and turning across the precipice, wheeling and turning back.

Oil rig at sunset   BBC

High and dry: Cheap oil may soon vanish, radically changing the world  - BBC  An article in Scientific American in March 1998 by Dr Colin Campbell and Jean Laherrere concluded: "The world is not running out of oil - at least not yet. "What our society does face, and soon, is the end of the abundant and cheap oil on which all industrial nations depend." They suggested there were perhaps 1,000 billion barrels of conventional oil still to be produced, though the US Geological Survey's World Petroleum Assessment 2000 put the figure at about 3,000 billion barrels. On Campbell and Laherrere's downbeat estimate, that should last about 30 years at 90 million bpd, so drastic change could be necessary soon after 2030.

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