Intermediate Word:  eutectic (a) complimentary and upbeat  (b) formed at the lowest possible melting point  (c) pertaining to peaceful relations  (d) tight bond between two dissimilar materials
Difficult Word:
  huckaback  (a) sidesaddle  (b) hunchbacked  (c) coarse cotton for toweling  (d) fruit compote with huckleberries

Black hole mergers modelled in 3D   - BBC   Simulations on a supercomputer have allowed Nasa scientists to understand finally the pattern of gravitational waves produced by merging black holes. The work should help the worldwide effort that is currently underway to make the first detection of these "ripples" in the fabric of space-time. Ultra-sensitive equipment set up in the US and Europe is expected to achieve the breakthrough observation very soon. "With these calculations, we are now able to know what will be the distinctive gravitational wave signature that comes out from just outside merging black holes," commented Professor Peter Saulson.   
Globe showing different temperature bands.  Image: BBC Error strikes 'BBC climate model   - BBC'  A "major error" has been discovered in the world's biggest online climate prediction project, backed by the BBC. The fault in a Climateprediction.net model launched in February causes temperatures in past climates to rise quicker than seen in real observations. The program, which runs on users' computers when they are idle, aims to generate forecasts of climate change. Climateprediction.net was established more than two years ago, but a new computer model was launched in February this year in collaboration with BBC Four TV. The simulation is more sophisticated than previous versions and provides the scientists, they say, with a more accurate representation of the real world, including an ocean that interacts with the atmosphere.   

Test your metal: How difficult would it be to survive in an Iron Age village?  What's it like living in an Iron Age village? How did they keep warm and make tools? Did they live more rewarding lives? A re-created Iron Age village allows visitors to stay and find out. Woodpeckers drumming in the copse beyond the village and the melody of a song thrush wake me out of sleep, my eyes straining through the pungent, hazy smoke to see the reed thatch high above. An animal skin mattress, clay oven at my feet and a decorative shield propped up against the mud wall behind me confirm that this is not my bedroom and not my century.    

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