Intermediate Word:  declivity -  (a) descending slope  (b) reversal of fortune  (c) fracture  (d)  
Difficult Word: - effloresce    (a) to stand out  (b) to decorate  (c) to outgas  (d) to give up water of crystallization

Early Black Holes May Have Heated the Universe - Space.com  Though invisible, big black holes are not hard to find. Astronomers have noted evidence in the center of many galaxies for supermassive black holes weighing millions to billions of times our Sun. Where these huge holes came from is an open question. One theory is that they are the result of a progressive build-up of smaller black holes, starting from the stellar mass black holes that formed from the explosions of the first stars.    
Russia Is Inconsistent On Military Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld (left) and Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Ivanov (right)  Russian officials have condemned U.S. plans to deploy weapons in space, but said a military presence in space remains a priority for their own country. Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov was reported by the ITAR-TASS news agency as saying he is categorically opposed to U.S. plans for deploying weapons in space. "Russia is against deploying nuclear weapons in space," the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying. At the same time Ivanov said a military presence in space remains a priority for Russia.   

Look For Extraterrestrial Civilizations (Don't Just Listen) - Space.com  In his 1970 classic Ringworld, science fiction author Larry Niven describes the discovery of an enormous artifact; a ring of material that completely surrounds a star, providing a staggering amount of living space. The alien species that discovered the star asks humans for their opinion on what they have found.    

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