Intermediate Word:  tisane (a) stately dance resembling a minuet  (b) magic spell  (c) woman's bodice  (d) medicinal herbal beverage
Difficult Word:
  ylang-ylang  (a) Tibetan goat  (b) wavy malasian scimitar  (c) Asian perfume tree   (d) triangular percussion instrument

New Mexico Spaceport: Open For Business - Space.com  Work at the New Mexico spaceport has reached a milestone as facilities are ready to support the first rocket flight from the site—now targeted for July. Meanwhile, state planners have issued a request for proposals to design and engineer the scaled up Southwest Regional Spaceport, the needed hangers, control and support buildings, roads, utilities, launch pads, fuel storage facilities, and other infrastructure requirements.       
NASA's NEEMO 9: Remote Surgery and Mock Moonwalks on the Sea Floor - Space.com  A team of astronauts and divers is wrapping up a record-setting mission to the ocean floor filled with undersea “moonwalks” and robotic surgeries controlled by a doctor high and dry in Canada. The six-aquanaut crew of the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 9 mission are set to return to the Earth’s surface Thursday after 18 days of underwater living aboard Aquarius     

Russia Has Plans For Outer Space In The 21st Century - SpaceDaily  LeftRussia is building on decades of incremental improvements to sustain an increasingly efficent space program. Pictured is the proposed Soyuz follow on manned spacecraft The Kliper.  For its part, the United States has so far failed to suggest a single coherent program of inter-planetary flights. Moreover, the NASA management recently admitted that it still lacked lunar spacecraft. In mid-April, the Energia management, which has completely different plans, unveiled a concept of the national manned space-flight program for the next 25 years. There are plans to develop a reusable lunar transport system comprising manned spacecraft on the basis of the advanced Kliper shuttle and inter-orbital space tugs.

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