Intermediate Word:  apiary -  (a) primate section of zoo  (b) ape-like  (c) riddled with holes  (d) honey farm
Difficult Word: - prodromal    (a) pertaining to a binding agreement  (b) disease-onset symptom  (c) subtly favoring  (d) flight-capable

Experts Examine Thread of Life In The Universe  - BBC  “Most of it is not predictable,” Morrison said, although planting an astrobiology science rover on Mars either in 2009 or 2011 is hopefully in the plans. Furthermore, he pointed to the Kepler Mission to be launched within the next few years. This spacecraft, for the first time, will search our galaxy for Earth-size or even smaller planets.  “I can’t predict what will be discovered in the coming years…but I think it’s going to be exciting,” Morrison said.     
Prototype fuel cell, AFP Laptops with fuel cells approach  - BBC  Get ready for a laptop that can run for eight hours between recharges. IBM and Sanyo are working on a hybrid power system for portable computers that combines batteries with a methanol fuel cell. But the extra working life comes at a cost because early versions will resemble a bulky docking station that will add to the weight of the device. IBM and Sanyo said the first hybrid power packs should go on sale in 2006 or 2007. These fuel cells will work with standard IBM Thinkpads. Both Toshiba and NEC are expected to start selling their fuel cells later this year. NEC said its fuel cell could power a laptop for 40 hours between recharges. However, it is thought that any device wanting to use the fuel cell will have to be modified. 

Manned Mars Trips By 2030: Russia  - BBC  An international manned flight to Mars could be possible by 2030, Russian media reported Monday. Anatoly Perminov, head of Roskosmos, the Russian space agency, was quoted by the ITAR-TASS news agency as saying several stages would precede a Mars mission. "According to assessments of our experts, manned flights to the moon will resume by 2015-2020," he said. "The construction of a permanent station on the moon or industrial development of it is possible." Perminov said next would come a stage of sending probes to Mars. "After several flights, approximately by 2030, a manned flight is possible," Perminov said. All major space projects could be implemented only through close international cooperation, he added. The Institute of Medical and Biological Problems in Moscow is to conduct a Mars flight simulation beginning in 2006.  

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