Intermediate Word:  salutary -  (a) favorable to health  (b) pertaining to a salute  (c) overbearing  (d) notable
Difficult Word: - assentation    (a) formal treaty  (b) agreeable disposition  (c) pomposity  (d) ill-considered assent

DARPA's 'Wasp' May Carry Powerful Sting  - BBC  the small, lightweight, hand-launched "Wasp" may be the Marine's new best friend when it comes to performing reconnaissance missions. The Wasp is a MAV—a micro-air vehicle—that weighs approximately 200 grams depending on its configuration. This tiny terror runs on two small Kokam Lithium Polymer "spar" batteries inserted in the carbon-fiber leading edge of each Kevlar wing which not only power the electric propulsion system, but also provide structural support for the wing. The Wasp carries forward- and side-looking fixed-focus color daylight cameras. The images from these cameras are relayed back to a ground control unit along with global positioning system coordinates.  
NASA To Test New 20-Meter Solar Sail - Science Daily  NASA engineers and their industry partners are preparing to test two 20-meter (66-feet) long solar sail propulsion system designs - a critical milestone in development of a unique propulsion technology using the Sun's energy that could lead to future deep space missions. The technology bounces a stream of solar energy particles, called photons, off giant, reflective sails made of lightweight material 40-to-100 times thinner than a piece of writing paper. These are just three of a number of efforts undertaken by NASA Centers, industry and academia to develop solar sail technology.    

Australia Hopes To Be Key In Brokering Alternative To Kyoto Climate Pact  - BBC  Some 25 government and business leaders from Australia and New Zealand met with US climate experts here last Friday to discuss a new plan for combating global warming outside the contentious Kyoto framework. The deal would be an alternative to the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement adopted in December 1997 but which excluded developing giants China and India and which Australia and the United States have refused to ratify. US President George W. Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard have denounced the pact because of the threat posed to their economies by the large developing nations    

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