Intermediate Word:  degagé  (a) in-gear  (b) engaged in dalliance  (c) casual  (d) exaggerated
Difficult Word: - ovoto  (a) hatched from an egg  (b) quarter-round molding  (c) duct leading into an ovary  (d) an oval

Asteroid strike, BBC The end is nigh: What could an asteroid do to a city like London?  - BBC  A massive iron asteroid crashed into the Arizona plain 49,000 years ago, creating a crater more than a kilometre wide. The Arizona asteroid, thought to have been made of iron and nickel and about 45m wide, hit the Earth at a 90 degree angle at a speed of some 20km/s (12 miles a second). Inserting these figures into the online blast calculator for a similar sized asteroid landing, say, at Oxford Circus reveals how an enormous crater almost 3km (2 miles) wide would open up across central London.
Threespine stickleback, Nature Genome reveals limb number recipe  - BBC Scientists say the genetic mechanism could be a "smoking gun" for the way rapid changes in body plan can appear over time in the evolution of new animal species. What is more, the mechanism appears to work without the harmful side effects sometimes seen with gene mutations. Thus, the mutation altered the gene's expression pattern in a specific part of the fish's body, changing the limb number without affecting other tissues. In vertebrates, bunches of genes known as Hox clusters are known to play a crucial role in the development of the skeleton and soft tissue.

Hydro executive vice president Tore Torvund

Oil dependence: Norway's search for alternative income as North Sea runs dry  - BBC  Left:  Norway wants to head farther north in its search for oil.  Click to see where the world's oil is  Estimates say one third of the total petroleum resources on the Norwegian continental shelf are still unexploited. "The undeveloped areas in the [far north Arctic] Barents Sea are very promising, but more challenging in many ways," said the director general of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Gunnar Berge. Both Norway and Russia are laying claims to an area of the Barents Sea that is bigger than the North Sea and is thought to contain even more oil and gas.

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