Intermediate Word:  goniometer (a) a device for measuring angles  (b) assay instrument for measuring gonadotropins  (c) phase change measurement meter  (d) equipment for measuring clarity of precious stones
Difficult Word:
  frith -  (a) mountain ridge line  (b) estuary  (c) mirth  (d) hardened, meringue-like candy

Make your own energy at home, Britons urged  - Nature  British politicians are urging people to turn their homes into power plants, by embracing 'microgeneration'. The scheme could see more homeowners installing solar panels, rooftop wind turbines and a range of other measures to cut their power bills and ultimately reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The drive was launched by UK Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks on 29 March at a meeting of microgeneration businesses in London. The strategy will take advantage of 50 million (US$87 million) earmarked for developing low-carbon buildings in the UK budget announced last week by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown. A recent report to the government predicted that, with enough investment, 30-40% of Britain's household energy from microgeneration by 2050, up from today's tiny contribution. The government hasn't yet decided how the available cash should best be spent to make this happen; tax breaks and subsidies may be part of the answer.
The State of Virtual Reality The state of virtual reality  - C/Net  "What consumers really want are full VR immersion, big screens, and high video-headset resolutions, all of which are still too expensive to produce for the mass market," said Steve Glaser, vice president at Icuiti, a company that manufactures eyeware that doubles as a portable display. "Right now you only find these features in select medical applications or in military training and simulations where the VR displays cost between $50,000 and $70,000 each."  Eventually...    

Renewable model: The house that could answer Europe's energy questions  - BBC  What's in the house:  Sawdust-pellet heating system; Solar heating/cooling; Geothermal Heating/cooling; Photo-voltaic electricity; Insulated facade and roof; Low emission glazing; highy efficient lighting;  Ventilation with heat recovery. Surely some of the electricity is drawn from the national grid? Yes, they admit, at present it is, but wind turbines will soon change that. But new technology doesn't come cheap      

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