Intermediate Word:  acrophobia  fear of (a) sharp objects   (b) lightning  (c) acrid odors  (d) heights
Difficult Word: -favonian  (a) ultra-liberal  (b) of the (soft) west wind  (c) hoary with age  (d) Rubenesque

Using a cap with wires and electrodes Use the power of your brain to control a video game   - BBC  Mind Balance was demonstrated for the first time using a new wireless headset, at the MIT Media Lab Europe in Dublin last month. Instead of wires, it uses direct electroencephalography (EEG), cerebral data nodes and the wireless technology - Bluetooth - all fitted into the sophisticated Cerebus headset. With six different types of nodes positioned over the occipital lobes at the back of the head - responsible for processing light, vision and hallucinations - Mr Lalor, as the player, focused on to two chequered boxes which flashed at different frequencies.
Lagos, Nigeria World population growth 'falling'  - BBC  The growth rate of the world population has slowed down, according to the US Census Bureau. Its report says there were 74 million more people in 2002 - well below the 87 million added in 1989-90. The rate of growth peaked 40 years ago, when it stood at about 2.2% a year. The bureau partly attributes the drop to women having fewer children. In 1990 women around the world gave birth to 3.3 children on average, the report says. By 2002, the average had dropped to 2.6 children - slightly above the level needed to assure replacement of the population.  

Migration factfile: Guide to the movement of people across the world  - BBC  As part of our series on global migration, BBC News Online looks at the numbers of people migrating, where they are going and some of the implications of migration. Over the past 15 years, the number of people crossing borders in search of a better life has been rising steadily. At the start of the 21st Century, one in every 35 people is an international migrant. If they all lived in the same place, it would be the world's fifth-largest country. Click on the links above to explore different issues related to the growing movement of people. 

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