Intermediate Word:  fava  (a) the fava bean  (b) small African mammal  (c) condition similar to dropsy  (d) tropical fruit
Difficult Word: - carminitive  (a) reddening agent  (b) dye fixant  (c) flatulence-inducing drug  (d) relating to cochineal

Astrobiology: Asking Big Questions to Learn Science - Space.com  The relatively new discipline of astrobiology asks great questions: How does life begin and evolve? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? What is the future of life on Earth and beyond? Compare these with a commonly asked classroom science question: Does the length of the string change the performance of a pendulum? No, Iím not picking on physics here, but these sorts of investigations need to be in a larger context to motivate many students.
Milky Way Was More Turbulent Than Previously  - SpaceDaily  Left:
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ESO PR Photo 10b/04 provides an artist's view of the observed group of stars orbiting the Milky Way together with the Sun, as seen by an imaginary observer outside the Galaxy. The orbit of the Sun is shown. For clarity, the stars surrounding the local volume have been removed here  More images at ESO  The Milky Way started out just after the Big Bang as one or more diffuse blobs of gas of almost pure hydrogen and helium. With time, it assembled into the flattened spiral galaxy which we inhabit today. Meanwhile, generation after generation of stars were formed, including our Sun some 4,700 million years ago.

Ice Melt May Dry Out US West Coast - SpaceDaily  By mid century cities and towns along the American west coast could be suffering serious water shortages in response to climate change. As Arctic sea-ice melts, annual rainfall is forecast to drop by as much as 30 per cent from Seattle to Los Angeles, and inland as far as the Rocky Mountains reports New Scientist.  Driving the change is the prediction that over the next 50 years annual Arctic sea ice could shrink by half in many areas of as much as 50 per cent in some areas during the summer. Water levels in reservoirs would probably drop, making water rationing a necessity. 

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