Intermediate Word:  mahout -  (a) goad  (b) buckler  (c) elephant driver  (d) leather chest guard
Difficult Word: - hake    (a) shim  (b) cod family  (c) thin, long-bladed knife (d) narrow mountain defile

Scientists Discover Better Way To Generate Power From Thermal Sources - SpaceDaily  Your car's engine loses 70 percent of its energy as waste heat - but Australian and Oregon scientists may have figured out an efficient way not only to recover that lost energy, but to at long last capture the power-producing potential of geothermal heat. If all goes well, nanostructured thermoelectric devices with efficiencies close to 50 percent of the Carnot limit may be realized, Linke says. Such materials could make possible the generation of electricity from geothermal sources - or from the waste heat of engines in hybrid cars, he explains.    
Discovery Of Giant X-Ray Loop Hints At Cosmic Particle Accelerator - SpaceDaily   Left:  The XMM-Newton X-ray image of the loop-like structure, and Hubble Telescope image of the Arches Cluster, underneath.   Astronomers have found a vast loop-like structure, 20 light years across, adjacent to the most massive star-forming region known in our galaxy. The loop, which was observed in X-ray wavelengths, is 15 times the size of the Arches Cluster, a star-forming region close to the centre of the Milky Way. This is the first time that such a distinctive and huge loop structure has been observed. The most straightforward interpretation of the observations is that powerful particle-acceleration is occurring on-site, producing high energy particles with an energy of up to a thousand trillion electron volts.

High-tech war Allies invest billions into next generation of unmanned drones  - BBC  Unmanned robot planes which roam across the battlefield to hunt and kill the enemy are not the stuff of comic books. They are here, now, and proving so useful that the Pentagon is about to spend $13bn on a new generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The US and the British militaries are also looking at ways to make these drones invisible - to radar, the naked eye or even to infra-red sensors. Both governments are spending large amounts on radical ideas about war-fighting. They believe information will be the deciding factor on future battlefields.  

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