Intermediate Word:  escutcheon -  (a) shield bearing coat of arms  (b) buckler  (c) drawing of family tree  (d) major domo in Scottish parades
Difficult Word: - madelaine    (a) French lady's maid  (b) lady-in-waiting  (c) small, rich, shell-shaped cake (d) shelf embroidered housecoat

U.S. Military Wants Weapons In Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Bush administration is advocating the weaponization of space to sustain the global dominance of the U.S. military  While the aggressive new policy aimed at making U.S. satellites capable of striking enemy targets both on the ground and in orbit may be scuttled by controversy or prohibited by cost, elements within the White House and the Pentagon will continue to stress the military's increasing dependence on satellite technology and the dangers associated with sharing more and more outer-space real estate with other nations not always in synch with U.S. interests, the Christian Science Monitor reported.   
A Concentrated Darknes Rests At The Core OF Fossil Galaxies - SpaceDaily  Left:  Chandra observations of the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 6482, at the centre of this image, show that it is surrounded by a cloud of hot gas (shown in blue), with a temperature of about 10 million degrees, over 700,000 light years across. This giant galaxy is believed to have grown to its present size by cannibalising its neighbours, leaving only the X-ray halo to tell the tale. The astronomers discovered a remarkable concentration of dark and normal matter in the cores of these isolated star systems, compared with the mass distribution in normal galaxy groups. Computer simulations predict that such interactions cause large galaxies to spiral slowly towards the centre of the group, where they can merge to form a single giant galaxy, which progressively swallows all its neighbours.  


Milk linked to Parkinson's risk  - BBC   The researchers found those men who consumed more than 16oz (473ml) of milk a day were 2.3 times more likely to develop Parkinson's than those who drank no milk at all. The latest study focused on 7,504 men aged 45 to 68, who were enrolled in a heart study in Hawaii. During the course of the 30-year study, 128 developed Parkinson's. The researchers calculated that in each 12 month period 6.9 cases of Parkinson's could be expected per 10,000 people who drank no milk. Among those who drank more than 16ozs a day the figure was 14.9 per 10,000.   

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