Intermediate Word:  poikilothermic  (a) cold-blooded  (b) changing color with changing temperature  (c) temperature inversion, with warmer gas or liquid lying below a cooler layer
Difficult Word: - periodic acid  (a) red fuming nitric acid acid  (b) an amino acid  (c) rutic acid  (d) iodic acid

Monorail Single Ride - ABC  Imagine a tiny red vehicle traveling 50 miles an hour on a guideway 3 feet wide that winds 20 feet above ground. Another vehicle hums quietly in front. A half-mile later, the car exits the guideway, eases into a station, and stops. There's no driver everything is automated. The hatch opens, and the passenger walks two blocks to the office. This is the vision of inventors of personal rapid transit, or PRT, systems. PRT arrives on demand and isn't tied to a schedule. Like taxis, the cars are private and the trips are nonstop. Two systems are being tested on guideways in Cardiff, Wales, and Fridley, Minn.
Lab work Gene therapy repairs heart cells  - BBC  Scientists have succeeded in using gene therapy to repair damage to human heart cells in the laboratory. The researchers, from Thomas Jefferson University, hope it will not be long before the technique is tested on patients with failing hearts. The journal Circulation reports how they used a virus to insert a gene into cells taken from people with congestive heart failure. After treatment, the cells were able to contract once again at full strength. The Jefferson team are confident that their work represents the first time that gene therapy has been successfully used to repair human heart cells.

Kangaroo, BBC

Kangaroo genes could boost milk  - BBC  Left:  Researchers want to find out why kangaroos are such hardy creatures.  An Australian scientist says studying the kangaroo genome might help scientists modify genes in cows so that they produce highly nutritious milk. "I can see potential applications particularly suitable for very tiny embryos because a kangaroo embryo is about as big as a pea when born," said Prof Graves. "It doesn't even have some of its organs yet so the milk is packed full of growth factors. Such milk might be very useful for very young and premature infants."

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